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Et le monde vivra uni

(And the World Will Live as One)

Sous-thème : Identités
Domaine d’apprentissage : Domaine des langues
Discipline d’enseignement : Anglais, langue seconde
Ordre et cycle d’enseignement : Enseignement primaire, 1er, 2e et 3e cycles

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MELS workshops (ESLinsight)

English 101 (2011)

Teaching an Elementary 2 and 3 ESL Split-Level Class - Sharing Success (2011)

Progression of Learning, Elementary (SPEAQ 2009)

Activities for multi-level groups (Elementary, Cycle One) SPEAQ 2008

Reinvestment : From Using Texts Integrally to Personalizing (2010)

ESL insight Handbooks

The handbooks in this section provide guidelines and tools to facilitate the implementation of ESL Elementary programs.

Steps for Teaching Strategies (Bookmark)

Strategies in the LES Classroom (Cycle Two and Three)

Using English in the ESL Classroom (Cycle Two and Three)

Storytelling (Cycle Two and Three)

Focus on Form (Cycle Two and Three)

Interactive Grammar (Cycle Two and Three)

Elementary 2 and 3

Can’'t Fall Asleep


Cycle Two LES

LES Blank Canvas
Useful when designing a LES (Word format

Planning a Trip

Writing a Minibook

Cycle Three LES

Are Cats Really Like That ? (Year One)

LES Blank Canvas
Useful when designing a LES (Word format)



Student Resources page:

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  Teacher Tools

  Professional Development

Elementary Cycle Two and Three Program documents:

bulletInteracts resources

bulletReinvests resources 

Written Texts

bullet http://www.cricketmag.com/kids_home.asp
bullet http://www.lil-fingers.com/ 

Read a Storybook · Play a Game · Coloring Printables


bullet Resources and links from eduscapes.com


bullet Berenstain Bear Country
Learn about these famous bears
bullet Clifford's Interactive Storybooks from Scholastic
Resources for children and teachers
bullet Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Lots of fun activities for children
bullet Find a Grave
Locate the grave of a famous person
bullet Giggle Poetry
Fun poetry examples, contests, and projects
bullet Information Please Almanac: Biography
Basic information about people
bullet Language Arts Games for K-8 from FunBrain
A wide range of online games for practice and thinking
bullet Little Critter by Mercer Mayer

Explore materials and activities to go with the Mercer Mayer characters
bullet PBS Kids from PBS

Explore adventures in learning and reading with the following programs and others.


bullet Stories to Grow By
Online stories on a variety of topics
bullet Story Hour
Stories for young children
bullet Children's Literature Web Guide (CLWG) by D.K. Brown
Attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults.
bullet Word Central
Information, resources, and ideas for words and vocabulary
bullet Find a Grave
Locate the grave of a famous person
bullet Information Please Almanac: Biography
Basic information about people
bullet Academy of American Poets
Founded in 1934 to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry, this is the largest organization in the country dedicated to the art of poetry.


bulletWrites resources





FREE CLIPART FROM SUGGESTIONS from cyber-kap.blogspot.com

1.     Pics4Learning - Very popular site to find free, safe-to-use images for teachers and students.

2.     Cyclo.ps - Search engine that searches the most popular free image engines around and provides one-stop shopping.

3.     School Clip Art - Great site for free school clip art.

4.     Ookaboo - Creative commons (free) site for finding great images for class work.

5.     Picsearch - Excellent image search engine, if used with a district's filtering solution.

6.     Veezzle - Wonderful free stock photo search engine.

7.      Free Photo Bank - Easy way to find creative common images.

8.     Open Clip Art - Great way to find free clip art.

9.   Find Icons -  Nice site for free icons.

Cybersite -  ESL resources and links for teachers and students. 


The English Professor - theenglishprofessor/



bullet Agenda Web Org   The free English exercises from free websites.    Hundreds of free exercises to learn English online: grammar,   verbs, vocabulary, listening, songs and videos. Worksheets ..
bullet ESL Kids' Stuff Flashcards Worksheets Lesson Plans Games Song Sheets Holidays Class Tips



Kids turn central.com/topics.htm provides the following series of topics and related resources

Cooking and Food
Recipes and fun food stuff just for kids
News News/Issues for Kids
Keep up with the latest news and issues for kids.
School stuff School/Homework
Homework help, home schooling, and fun stuff too.
Science stuff Sports
All your favorite sports! Olympic size fun.
Pirates Pirates!
Ahoy Matey! It's time for Pirate fun.

TV/Movies TV/Movies
New releases on DVD and in theatre, what's hot on TV?
animals Animals/Birds/Pets
All about your favorite animals and pets plus an animal index info resource.
babysitting Babysitting
Learn how to get started babysitting, tips, and printable help sheets.
Go Green!The Environment
From Global Warming to Composting.
computers for kids Computers/Online Help
Learn HTML, computer tips, chat and more.
Poetry for kids Poetry
Are you a poet? Show it! Submit your poem.
Toys Toys
What's hot in toys? Shop for toys online.
Social Issues Social Issues
Children of divorce,
bullying, manners, volunteering and much more going on in your life.
Scouting Scouting
Great resources for scouting and guiding.
Money! Money, Money, Money
Learn to earn and save.

Dinosaur fun Dinosaurs
Everything dinosaur! Coloring, clipart and more.
gardening Gardening
Visit the KTC garden or
color the veggies.

 Genealogy Genealogy
Trace your family tree and find out where you came from.

Health Health
Stay healthy, learn about disabilities and more.
Meet a Professional Meet a Professional
Meet a vet, a magician, a computer wiz, an activist and more.
Music Music
Learn to play a guitar, find great music on and off line.
Shopping online Products/Shopping
Product reviews and
shopping online, kids shop too!
Science stuff Science
Science fair help, bubbles and homework help.
Poetry for kids Safety
Indoor, outdoor and online safety tips and resources.
eBooks eBooks ~new~
- Read a story online!
books reading Books
Find out what's hot on the shelves and at your library.
Spring Spring
Spring themed fun and resources.
Summer Summer
Loads of things to keep you busy this Summer.
Fall Fall
Fall fun! Crafts, coloring and more.
books reading Winter
Come play in our Winter playground.
Teddy Bears Teddy Bears
Everything teddy
bear. Clipart, games and more.
Movie Clips Videos/Clips ~new~
Your favorite Movie Clips

English Themes for Beginners and intermediates from Larry Ferlazzo


Tech it Easy With Very Young Learners (by Ozge Karaoglu)

Using technology may seem difficult to implement when we consider very young learners but who can deny the fruitful results in integrating technology and using some Web 2.0 tools in our English lessons. Here comes my top 10 Web 2.0 tools for tech savvy teachers of very young learners.

Voki is certainly the first tool that you can use with your young learners. It's  site where you can create your animated and speaking avatar, with your own voice or using your text-to speech application. you can fully customize your character and your voki character moves his head and eyes with the movement of the mouse. Kids love this!! You can use voki to introduce a new topic, retell stories, use it as a class mascot, let your students sing and let them practise English. They do love to hear their voices. Here is a great post by Shelly Terrellon using vokis in classes and a great video from Russell Stannard how to create a voki avatar.

Voicethread is the best digital storytelling tool to use with your students no matter what age they are. You create a digital presentation and let the kids comment on each picture by recording their voices, writing a text or filming themselves. It's a great way to retell the stories, create an engaging speaking activity for the kids and collaborate with other classes from all over the world. Have a look at some of the examples here.

Probably, all of us know about
EduGlosgter. It's an online and an interactive poster where you can embed text, video, audio, animated graphics, pictures and music. Watch Russell Stannard's video
on Glogster. He has explained everything for us. Glogster can be a great way to display information, children's work. Kids love themselves watching or hearing on a creative, animated and a colourful outlet.

BubbleJoy lets you create a video greeting card using your own video. You can choose from different fun card designs that will fit in to your topic.

Kerpoof is another site that is suitable to use with young and very young learners. It's a creative way to tell stories, create animated movies and greeting cards.

StoryBird allows children to create their own stories from scratch using their own text and pictures. It's also collaborating so children can start a story at home and you can finish it when they come back to school.

Fotobabble is a way to make photos talk. You just upload your pictures, record your voice and publish it. It's another way to motivate children to speak. They do love and have fun while they are listening to their own voices.


 Holiday sites

Party Game Central is the largest party game idea web site on the internet.  Need some creative party games?  We've got hundreds of great party game ideas for kids and adults.

Celebrate Winter, Christmas, Halloween Valentine's Day, Spring, Mothers' Day ... more

Kids turn central.com/holidays.htm


ABC Teach holiday resources

ESL Kids Stuff site holiday resources

Online Christmas games

 Winter fun and games

Winter resources from Billy Bear

 Free Stuff 

Free Stuff for Educators! by Patti Tjomsland http://www.kalama.com/~zimba/freeforteachers.htm 

Songs and Rhymes

First school is a web site for preschoolers. There is a thematic section titled 'nursery rhymes'. It also offers printable activities for different themes that could help you. http://www.first-school.ws

alphabetical list of rhymes!  http://smart-central.com/

YouTube provides many traditional rhymes and songs as videos with lyrics. They can be downloaded with appropriate resources and put on a memory stick or DVD for classroom viewing. A direct link to the page in the frame - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C535C63ED13C9B49



From the EFL Classroom:  http://eflclassroom.ning.com/page/kids-karaoke-korner

   Karaoke Files -  Play with the Karafun Player!  Choose your sing-along!

New Teacher Online resource - New teacher and grade-specific links from K-6




StarFall Site with great animated multi-media stories and activities.



style="line-height: 200%; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0">Activities

Tongue Twisters for the ESL/EFL Classroom - ESL4Kids site



 Video-audio-text resources

Reading / listening sites

Advanced listening practice regionalized for accents- Check out the Canadian resources! over 1,000 listening activities with downloadable MP3 audio files, transcripts and interactive quizzes.

  • http://www.literacynet.org/cnnsf/archives.html Each story module on the site below includes the full text of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension. The learner can choose to read the text, listen to the text, or view the broadcast through streaming video.

Links to Internet audio resources that may be used by ESL students and teachers



Free to use media

Images, sound, videos, etc. free to use from the Carrefour éducation


Video archives: Viewing


  1. Video for Kids - Learn Numbers
    2 min 16 sec - 2 Jan 2008

    Video for Kids - Learn the Alphabet
    4 min 38 sec - 2 Jan 2008

Miro leads you to a variety of videos sources such as PBS and more.



ITUNES provides not only music but tons of free video podcasts to download and use in class or share with your students on their personal video players.   http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/


SUGGESTION: set up a blog such as http://www.blogger.com from Google where you can embed or link to videos and even add your suggestions for related activities, vocabulary and functional language. To embed either copy and paste the embed text from the YouTube site for the video you want to share or using an add-on, you can right click on a video and send it to your blog in 1, 2, 3!

Other links through Google...

You will find links to ESL material and teacher resources throughout the Internet on this page under the following categories:



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