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Guide de l'implantation de l'enseignement intensif
de l'anglais, langue seconde, au Québec

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 INTENSIG Resources

Agenda Web Org   The free English exercises from free websites.    Hundreds of free exercises to learn English online: grammar,   verbs, vocabulary, listening, songs and videos. Worksheets ..

Projects /Topics:  

Climate change
 thegreenguide.com/ From the National Geographic
 epals.com/ interesting info on climate change


 Birthday events


Kids research interesting events which happened the year they were born. The site is a research tool in which other sites are classified. 


Resources for teachers: eslflow.com/

Stories on line

 owlkids.com/  for fun quizzes.  (ex.: What animal are you?) a reward during the morning reading period.

 professorgarfield.org  Online quizzes on general knowledge.

Google maps

For music videos, cooking shows, design shows: YouTube and TeacherTube

General information: Wikipedia


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