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ESL Insights - ESL site provides various resources to support teachers and pedagogical consultants in implementing the Elementary and Secondary ESL Programs.

MELS -> SPEAQ Workshops Cycle One LES  

Cycle Two LES

Pleurer de rire

Sous-thème : Diffusion
Domaine d’apprentissage : Domaine des langues
Discipline d’enseignement : Anglais, langue seconde
Ordre et cycle d’enseignement : Enseignement secondaire, 1er et 2e cycles

MELS documents and related material

Quick links to the following are provided :

English as a Second Language Secondary Cycle One

English as a Second Language Secondary Cycle Two

An index of documents and information can be found at the MELS site:

Elementary  in French  -  available in English

Secondary     in French  -  available in English

 Quebec ESL links

Grilles pour soutenir les enseignants dans l'évaluation des compétences disciplinaires

Grilles de Karen Lyons et Mariève Gagné pour l'ensemble des critères du programme régulier (TO INTERACT ORALLY, TO REINVEST UNDERSTANDING, TO WRITE AND PRODUCE TEXTS)

Grilles de Gillian Baxter pour mieux comprendre les critères d'évaluation (Core)
Grilles de Gillian Baxter pour mieux comprendre les critères d'évaluation (Enriched)

Grille pour évaluer la compétence 1 (To interact orally) élaborée par Suzanne Guay

Grille pour évaluer la compétence 2 (To reinvest understanding of texts) élaborée par Suzanne Guay

Grille pour évaluer la compétence 3 (to write and produce texts) élaborée par Suzanne Guay


General Sites with a variety of aspects:


Games: The ESL game boards found on this page are in the form of Microsoft Word documents.

Gameaquarium - links to free games


Wonder How To  http://www.wonderhowto.com/

Project sites

STORIES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR www.thememoryproject.com 
This nationwide bilingual project offers an unprecedented account of Canada’s participation in the Second World War through thousands of firsthand veteran testimonials.

 Grammar resources

Basic grammar possibly to include in context for Secondary Cycle 1

The Indiana State University OWL contains over 75 worksheets on a variety of topics designed to assist ESL students.

The Internet TESL Journal's links

The English Institute - An Elementary English Grammar Book Online book: Word Order, Indefinite Article, Definite Article, Nouns, etc.

Verb tense tutorials and exercises

Lists of grammar links by parts of speech or tense

Learning English tenses with cartoons, part of VisualESL.com - a site about learning English visually.

 Video-audio-text resources

Reading / listening sites

National Geographic
Scholastic News
Wayback U.S. History
UpFront Magazine
How Stuff Works

Advanced listening practice regionalized for accents- Check out the Canadian resources! over 1,000 listening activities with downloadable MP3 audio files, transcripts and interactive quizzes.

Each story module on the site below includes the full text of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension. The learner can choose to read the text, listen to the text, or view the broadcast through streaming video.

Links to Internet audio resources that may be used by ESL students and teachers

Texts for your students

Website where texts are simple and interesting (for secondary students):

A site with videos for class at the high school level: some have activities    http://www.tolearnenglish.com/english-videos.php

Here is a media link:    http://www.media-awareness.ca



TV personalities ( to Student Resources)


Video archives: Viewing


Using an Editing Checklist
Writing Tips
Ace Writing
Power Proofreading Game
Five Paragraph Essay Movie
Writing Process Movie
Similes and Metaphors Movie
Antonyms Movie
Writing Paragraphs
Writing Fun
Essay Punch
Essay Map
Write a Myth
Writing From Woodlands School
Five Paragraph Essay
Write Your Own Play
Planning Your Writing Game
Writing Guide
Model Bank (Many Essay Examples)

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