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Authors: Karell Frenette, Zarina Khan, Patryk Krolikowski, Chandra McIvor & Melissa Telaro.





In forests, rivers, and in cities, there are hazards caused by humans that endanger animals around us.  What can we do to make the world a better place for our animal friends?  There are many solutions that people don’t know about.  Our job is to let our friends and family know what they can do to help the animals around us.  This is what we will do!

Click on the picture below for an example of how you can help animals like Pinky and Bluey!

Now let’s do an activity that shows us some things we can do from our own homes that will help to limit the dangers that we create for animals!

How Can you help??











The first thing you can do to help animals is….   RECYCLE!!!


Print out the following activity and complete it as you do numbers 1-2 below:  RECYCLE!


1.    Watch this video:


Mr. Bean picks up litter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk99-sYSz38




2.    Are tin and paper recyclable?


            Play this game to find out:



                                Slam Dunk: http://kids.yahoo.com/games/game/slamjunk






Now that you know what to recycle,

make sure other people know, too!

















The second thing you can do to help animals is….   USE LESS WATER!!!



Print out the following activity and complete it as you do numbers 1-5 below: USE LESS WATER!


1.    Watch this video:











2.    So, what do you know about water?

Play this Word Scramble game. Make a list of each word you unscramble:


Game: http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/flash/flash_wordscramble.html




3.    How can we use less water?


Watch this Sesame Street video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtcZbN0Z08c&feature=related




4.    Read “Be Water Smart”: http://www.savingwater.org/docs/BeWaterSmart.pdf



5.    What else can we do?

Watch “Heroes of Water Saving”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp_nyVPK4XQ&feature=related





Now that you know how to use less water,

make sure other people know, too!



Now, let’s explore an animal in need!  There are three animals that need help: Luna the wolf-dog, Apollo the parrot and Arial the seal.   Ask your teacher which animal you should choose. 

Then click on the animal’s picture below.

Luna the wolf-dog:                           Apollo the parrot:                 Arial the seal:






Now that you have read your animal’s story, click on the correct link below for an activity about your animal:




Process:  Leading to a Product that Responds to the Task

Let’s find a solution for our animal in need!  

At the end of your animal’s profile, you were given three possible solutions.  Which solution will you choose?

Click the following link and follow the instructions written:                            


Once your worksheet is complete, you can move on to the next step!

You have been reading up on an animal that needs help.  You have even found solutions to help it.  Now it is time to make a brochure so that other people can help animals, too.

The two links below will help you create your brochure.  The first link called “Brochure instructions” will give you instructions on how to create it.  The second link called “Brochure template” will give you the template that you can fill in so that your brochure looks like the brochure you saw about Pinky and Bluey.







Once you have created your brochure, you can print it out and fold it so that it looks like the picture below.  Make sure that your title page matches the diagram below.            



Now that you have created your brochure, let’s show it to the rest of the class! You will show your brochure and talk about the solution that you chose to the other students.

Click on the flags below for your final activity.  Your teacher will guide you through it.

And now you know how we can make the world a better place for our animal friends!



Click the links below for the rubrics and checklist:

Rubric for the brochure worksheet                             WORKSHEET RUBRIC

Rubric for the brochure:                                             BROCHURE RUBRIC

Checklist for the post-presentation activity:               CHECKLIST