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Behind the scenes of Advertising

A SPEAQ Quest for Secondary 4 and 5 students (ESL)

Designed by Alexis Belair, Chantal Castonguay, Sophia Moiseeva, Marie-Soleil Lavoie and Toni Salhani

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Hey! Do you know how many advertisements you are exposed to every day?

Have you ever stopped and tried to analyze their meaning or potentially hidden message?

Now it is your turn to be critical and express your point of view.


In this SPEAQ Quest you will be asked to analyze two advertisements which will lead to you an interesting discovery.

You will be asked to take a stand and it will be published in a blog! Are you ready?

Process:  leading to a Product that responds to the Task

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5


You are finished!Youíve analyzed two advertisements and learned that there is more to publicity than the eye can sometimes see.

You are now able to look at advertising more critically.

Donít forget what you have learned and continue to react to the images you are exposed to everyday.

Come back and check the blog often!


See each task to know how you will be evaluated.

Evaluation Guide for Teachers