SPEAQ-Quest: My Body, My Decision

A Web Quest for Secondary Cycle 2 Core ESL

Grade 10 and 11

Designed by

Sabrina Di Loreto, Christianne Hendershott, Haidee Smith Lefebvre, Patricia O’Beirne, Bianca Stafe

Introduction/Task/Process/Conclusion/Evaluation Tools/Teacher's Guide


Teenage sexuality has different meanings for different people because it combines our actions, beliefs, attitudes, and desires.  Over the next ten classes, this project will offer you the chance to explore teen sexuality by choosing a topic, reading about it, and discussing it with your group. From there, your group will create a pamphlet that you will discuss and distribute during the information fair MY BODY, MY DECISION. Some issues which your pamphlet should address are:

·         What are the myths and facts?

·         What are the consequences of decisions based on myths? On facts?

·         How can you educate your peers about the topic you have chosen?


→ Look at these testimonials to help you decide on which topic interests you!



Working in groups of four, you will choose a topic related to teenage sexuality from the following choices:

·         Safer Sex: STI-s

·         Safer Sex: AIDS

·         Sexual Orientation

·         Pregnancy

·         How to Talk About Sex  (communication issues)

·         Body Image and Self-Esteem

·         Sexual Assault

You will research your topic and create a pamphlet to be presented at the information fair MY BODY, MY DECISION. Each of the seven groups at the fair will be responsible for an information booth where your group can present your pamphlet and your topic.

The people attending the fair will want general information about your topic, and how related myths and facts influence sexual actions, beliefs and attitudes. The pamphlet produced by your group will help other teens think about whether their opinions and decisions are based on myths or facts about teenage sexuality.

Taking turns with your teammates, you will visit the other information booths to learn about the topics your classmates have researched. Your team will collect all of the pamphlets, and use a score sheet to evaluate them. Your classmates and other students will be very interested in hearing about what you have to say on the topic you have chosen. Let’s begin!




Days 1 and 2

1.       First you’ll be assigned to a group of four by your teacher.

2.       Discuss with your group and decide who will take on each role: group secretary (to write down ideas and decisions); facilitator (to make sure everyone has a chance to speak and share ideas); reporter (to report the group’s progress and ideas to the teacher and the class); and a timekeeper (to keep the group on schedule).

3.       Complete the Team Checklist which you will refer to throughout each phase.

4.       Discuss with your group to decide which topic you will select for your pamphlet from the following choices:

·         Safer Sex: STI-s

·         Safer Sex: AIDS

·         Sexual Orientation

·         Pregnancy

·         How to Talk About Sex  (communication issues)

·         Body Image and Self-Esteem

·         Sexual Assault


Days 3 and 4


5.       Discuss the topic in your group and have each member view at least one web link to research and take notes on the issue you chose. You can base your research on these links:


Safer Sex: STI-s

Safer Sex: AIDS

Sexual Orientation


How to Talk About Sex

Body Image and Self-Esteem

Sexual Assault

General Info


STDs 101


Hepatitis: Get the Facts


Frequently Asked Questions


Fact Sheet & Symptoms


A Male Condom


AIDS, Sex & Teens


What is AIDS?


HIV Transmission


HIV Testing

Can You Get AIDS From…?

HIV Transmission - Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction To Sexual Orientation


Frequently Asked Questions


Fact Sheet


Cross-Gender Identity


Just Different: Atypical Sexuality


Helping a Friend Who's Gay

FAQ-s on the Birth Control Pill


FAQ-s on the Male Condom


FAQ-s on Abortion


Contraceptive Methods


Contraception: Preventing STI-s and Pregnancy


Myths & Realities



Communicating With Your Partner About Sex


Relationships, Sex and More.....


Tips to Talk to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend About Contraception


Talking to Your Parents About Sex


Healthy / Abusive Relationships


Beyond a "Flawless" Body


FAQ-s About Body Image


Introduction To Body Image


Body Image


15 Ways to Create a Body Positive World


Myths and Facts on Size and Bodies

Sexual Assault


What is Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault


The Hard Facts


Safety Tips


If It Happens to You


Dating Violence Warning Signs



6.       Discuss and create a focus sentence for your group, which explains the topic and message of your pamphlet.


Example: The topic and message of our pamphlet will be: Using condoms saves lives!



7.       Before you continue to the Production stage:

ü      Complete Check Your Cooperation Skills 1

ü      Go back to your Team Checklist and complete the Pre-Production section.



Days 5 and 6

8.       Look at this example of a pamphlet. Working in your group, complete the worksheet,

Task: Reading and Analyzing a Pamphlet .

9.         Click here for tips on how to create a pamphlet. Using the Writing a Pamphlet checklist, share your ideas with your group and begin planning your project.

10.      Create your pamphlet with your team. Keep going back to the focus sentence to make sure
 it matches your pamphlet.


Days 7 and 8

11.      Edit your pamphlet as a team, making sure it is complete, clear and effective.

12.      Make your pamphlet attractive and eye-catching to draw readers in and make them want to read more.

13.      Before you continue to the Post-Production stage, go back to your Team Checklist and complete the Production section.

14.      Complete Check Your Cooperation Skills 2.

Post-Production – The Information Fair:

Days 9 and 10

15.   Before the fair, sign up to be the spokesperson during one of the four timeslots indicated on the Info Fair Schedule.

16.   Bring enough copies of the final pamphlet for the fair.

17.   Decorate your booth (e.g. balloons, pictures, posters).

18.   While the spokesperson explains your topic, remaining team members welcome visitors and distribute the pamphlet.

19.   Take turns with your team members to visit the other information booths to learn about the topics your classmates have researched. Be sure to visit the booths and collect the pamphlets you are evaluating.  Rate the pamphlets using the You Be the Judge!  checklist.

20.   After the fair, think about the process of producing your pamphlet in your group, and complete the Wrap - Up and Reflect evaluation.  Be honest about what you feel went well and what you think could be improved.

21.   In your group, go back to your Team Checklist and complete the Post-Production section.

Congratulations on a job well done!


Now that you’ve become experts on a topic related to teen sexuality, you can continue to help educate your peers! If you would like to volunteer as a peer counsellor for sexual education click on these links:

Teens as Sex Educators

Head and Hands                                                                                                                     

Evaluation Tools

Student:                                                                        Teacher:

Self-Evaluation                                                               Formative Evaluation: Reading and Analyzing a Pamphlet             

Pre-Production: Check Your Cooperation Skills 1       

Production: Check Your Cooperation Skills 2                    Summative Evaluation: Writing a Pamphlet

Evaluation of the team:

Post-Production: Wrap-Up and Reflect


Evaluation of two groups:

You Be the Judge!




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