Over the next five days, you will work in teams of two. You and your partner will take part in an adventure and become recycling experts!


Your final task will be to create a poster to teach others how to help save the planet.


Are you up for our challenge? Then letís get started RECYCLABLES Ö and donít forget to have fun!  BUT please remember to fill out this checklist throughout your journey.





Here is a word list to help you throughout your journey. If there are still words that you do NOT understand, use this picture dictionary http://www.pidic.com.




Activity #1 (Day 1)


To begin your adventure:


1.    Fill out columns 1 & 2 of your learning log.


  1. Prepare yourself to listen to some music by reviewing these questions.


  1. Listen to song # 9 - The 3Rís (http://www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/music/detail/curious_george_ost) and read along. Donít forget to refer to your list of words if there are words that you do not understand.


  1. Answer question #1.


  1. Listen to the next song (http://www.recyclenow.com/schools/primary_school_resources/sing_recyclers.html) 

      and read along ( In the song: Reduction means Reduce).

  1. Answer questions # 2-4.


  1. Discuss your answers with another team.



Activity # 2 (Day 2)


To begin:


  1. Letís review the 3Rís.


  1. Can you identify the 3Rís in this picture? (http://www.casey.vic.gov.au/doclib/TvvpGX78_recycling_loop.gif)


  1. Check your answers with another team.




Activity # 3


Letís find out how much you reduce, reuse and recycle!


            1. Do this quiz (http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/eek/earth/recycle/recyquiz.htm)


http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/recycling_project.jpg2. How well did you do? Donít forget to let the teacher know your results.



Now, take our challenge! Letís find out if you know how to separate your garbage. 

Garbage Challenge


If you need extra help or if you finish early, play this game! (http://www.recyclezone.org.uk/fz_challenge.aspx)


Activity # 4 (Day 3)

1.   Read the following story (http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/eek/earth/recycle/slide1.htm)


2.    Use this online dictionary for words that you may not know (http://www.ldoceonline.com)


3.    Complete the following questions.




Activity # 5 (Day 4 & 5)

Your final task

By using everything that you have learned about the 3Rís, create a poster that will help others become part of the recycling family too. Use the poster checklist to help you along.


Step 1:  Make sure to look at the poster example below to help you get started.


 Adapted from: http://recycleus.com/Stop-POSTER.jpg




If you need ideas for your poster, visit these websites:






Step 2: With your partner, brainstorm. Make sure you have a problem and a solution.


A problem: This is something that you should NOT do. It is BAD for the environment.


A solution: This is something that you should DO. It is GOOD for the environment.


                                                                    Your Ideas   





Step 3: Write a rough draft of your poster. Make sure to include your problem and your solution.


Step 4: Show your teacher your rough draft.


Step 5: Go online and find a minimum of 3 pictures for your poster. Use this link http://www.picsearch.com

  to look for pictures and be ready to print, cut and glue.


Step 6: Create your poster on the Bristol board provided by your teacher. Have fun!  

Step 7: ***Donít forget to write your names on the back of your project***






Now that you have completed your poster, share it with your classmates and hang your poster somewhere in your school.

http://www.sacgreenteam.com/images/kidrecl.jpgCONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully been chosen to be fellow RECYCLABLES. You are on your way to saving our planet by having learned to separate garbage, by knowing the dos and doníts of recycling, using new vocabulary AND most importantly by being experts of the 3Rís. BUT WAITÖone last task, fill out column 3 of your Learning Log and rememberÖ wherever you are and whatever you do, you can stay part of the RECYCLABLE team by simply remembering to


and encouraging others to do the same










Team Name:








Student has 1 or no mistakes

Student has 2 Ė 3 mistakes

Student has 4 or more mistakes


Student has a minimum of 3 pictures

Student has a minimum of 2 pictures

Student only has 1 picture


Student has a problem and solution

Student only has the problem or the solution

The problem and the solution are not clear

Following Instructions

Student has followed most of the instructions

Student has followed some of the instructions

Student has followed few instructions





Grade:      /12