Where in the world is bret the vet?

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by Lynda Aouni, Robyn Martin, Stavroula Samelis, Maryse Tadros, Ekaterini Varvarigos




Greetings, fellow traveller!


My name is Bret the Vet. I am a veterinarian who has gone on an international search for endangered animal species. You can do your share to help the endangered animals by helping me in my quest.

My final location is a secret and the only way for you to find me is to complete the puzzles I have given you. You and a friend will work together to find the solutions and report your findings.





†††††††† I will be giving you a word puzzle every day for the next five days. Your job is to find the hidden animal name and tell me about it in your logbook! I will provide you with resources where you can find all the information you need to complete the logbook.




Process:  leading to a Product that responds to the Task

Work directly in the student booklet!




You must complete a self-assessment checklist after every class that you work on this project.

Your final project will be evaluated based on 4 things:

1.    Your fact-finding abilities

2.    Your summarising skills

3.    Your use of new vocabulary and correct spelling

4.    Your strategy use and teamwork

Student Self-Assessment


Name ______________________________Date_________________


Project ______________



Use this checklist to carefully check your answers.

Donít forget to double-check your work!




1. Strategies:

®     We read both websites.

®     We used a dictionary when there was a word we didnít know.

®     We asked the teacher if we had a problem.


2. Vocabulary:

®     I found at least 3 new words.


3. Facts:

®     I found at least 3 facts about the animal.


4. Teamwork:

®     I listened to my partner.

®     I shared my ideas.

®     We used ALL our time to work on the project.


5. Student comments: