Love that song!

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Music for the soul, party music, dance music, background music, romantic music and so on are often very important ingredients of our lives. We spend money and we spend time listening, discussing, maybe even playing music. What music do you like and would like to share with the class?



In this task you will select, investigate and share the music of a singer, or group of your choice. You will prepare some information about the artist(s), present and lead a discussion on a favorite song so that we can all better appreciate that music.

Process:  leading to a Product that responds to the Task



Here is the list of components to a presentation you will give on the music of a singer, or group of your choice. You may work alone or in a team of 2


1) Present 150 words per person in the team describing the singer/group you have chosen. (use your own words – no copy & paste from the Internet). You may have notes that guide your presentation but no text with sentences.


2) Create a poster, Web page or slideshow to present. (example: using the computer and Word, copy and paste images from the Internet into a collage with a slogan and select information publicizing a possible concert  at the school OR using PowerPoint create a collage of pictures to illustrate the song or group )


3) Create an activity where students in the class complete the important missing words of a song from the music group/performer while listening (ones related to a grammar point such as prepositions, articles, verbs, negatives, etc. or specific type of vocabulary words for example different ways to say “like” used in the song). ( visit for an example or for other possibilities)


4) Prepare a discussion of the message or meaning of the song animated with at least 5 questions. (for example, did they or not like the song and why, which part did they like, what does the song make them think about, etc..)


Here are a few possibilities to find information for your presentations on the Internet. Artists often have their own sites also.







Song related resources


List of music styles (Wikipedia)



Project Checklist   (Hand-in class before the presentation)


  Student (s)_______________________________________


Group/ Performer:






You have:





Besides musicians, discuss other types of people that are admired and why? Eg. Athletes, movie and TV stars, etc.





Project Rubric

Criteria                                     Level


Acceptable  (60 – 75)

Well-done  (76 – 95)

Excellent   (95-100)

All elements were included in the project

Absence of or near absence of…

Evidence of some…

Several elements in support of …

Thorough, insightful, complete, …

Presentation was understandable (pronunciation, intonation, …




… native-like

The report involved a series of pertinent items.





The Poster/Page/media presentation was an interesting support  and delivered an appropriate message(s).





Lead discussion




Communicates precisely and accurately, involves the audience