The best of the Best

Ron Mastine

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What if you could design "the best of the best" vehicle? The best car, the best bike, the best truck, choose.



But, the best how? The fastest, the toughest, the best designed, the most environmentally friendly,  ... you choose again.



In this SPEAQ-quest, you will work with a team of co-workers from the class to develop "the best of the best" vehicle according to you - the fastest car, the toughest truck or trail bike, the most environmentally friendly vehicle your imagination and research can bring you to create.


You will look at some of the best vehicles in the categories you choose and by bringing together their best points, create "the best of the best".


Then, using a variety of possibilities, you will present your creation to the world and tell us all why it is the best in each way that distinguishes it from others.


Process:  leading to a Product that responds to the Task


Begin by choosing a "pit crew" that will put together your best of best.


You may be as many as four members that will share the responsibilities of developing this super vehicle. Each member is responsible for 5 innovations that enhance the vehicle. 


Together, define what makes your vehicle so special and start some research.


Your (vehicle) ___________________ is the best (how) _______________________ .


positive comparative (2) superlative (3+)
good better best
bad worse worst
little (amount) less least
little (size) smaller smallest
much / many more most
far (place + time) further furthest
far (place) farther farthest
late (time) later latest
economical more economical most economical
comfortable more comfortable most comfortable
fast faster fastest


Refer to this page to learn more about the superlative( how to say things like fastest, most economical, etc.)


Find those super parts and aspects that distinguish your vehicle from all others. Here are some ideas:


Classic Muscle Car History 


Super Cars -


World’s first Hydrogen Luxury Performance Automobile – the BMW Hydrogen 7


The Canadian Auto Show




video   video


 Thrust SSC - World's fastest Vehicle 750+MPH!!! 


Rinspeed sQuba Concept Diving Vehicle


Water Powered Vehicle


All Terrain Vehicle    Off-road vehicle LITVINA   Virtual Prototype Space Vehicle


Auto Maker Earns Top Vehicle Safety Awards


Car images of many kinds


Off-road Vehicules


Formula One



The Visual Dictionary: Transport


The Visual Merriam-Webster




Use this organiser or create your own, to name and describe the elements of your "best of best".



Use pictures or draw pictures to "assemble" the best parts.





Next, create a 1-page magazine or newspaper ad for your "Best of best" vehicle.



  • Look at and discuss the elements of magazine ads: the goal, what draws our attention, the type of words, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas and put together a prototype.
  • Test the ad on a few people to get their reactions.


  • Gather the materials, images, etc and make your poster.

Post production

  • present and take note of reactions
  • reflect on the effectiveness: did it meet your goals?



Finally present your vehicle.






Is your choice of the best - subjective or objective? Discuss arguments for each alternative. Is it all just a matter of taste or personality or something else?




Project Rubric

Criteria                                                                    Level


Acceptable (60 – 75)

Well-done  (76 – 95)

Excellent   (95-100)

Innovations show thought and creativity

Absence of or near absence of…

Evidence of some…

Several elements in support of …

Thorough, insightful, complete, …

Well-explained with appropriate language





Ad illustrates elements and captures attention





Use of appropriate resources including an organizer





Active and articulate participation in discussion