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This section of the SPEAQ Web site presents SPEAQ-quests.

With your help, we hope to develop an archive of specifically-designed ESL Webquests to share with Quebec ESL teachers. We have assembled a wealth of information, guides, links to tools and resources that should help. We hope you will make the leap!
This initiative is made possible with a financial support of


To better understand the concept of a SPEAQ-quest, take a few minutes to view the SPEAQ-quest PowerPoint presentation or a less-animated Web Presentation.

What makes a SPEAQ-quest unique?


Learn more on the SPEAQ-quests page.

Continue to explore the concept on the SPEAQ-quest pages which offer: WebQuest  videos,  examples tools , resources, and more using the page menus .

Try out the growing number of SPEAQ-quest examples and even CREATE your own to use and share! Your students will thank you and so will ESL teachers throughout the province. See the details below.

We're looking for SPEAQ-quests!

  • unique Quebec ESL "WebQuests" submitted by current members of SPEAQ and also from teachers, student-teachers or education advisors working or registered in a Quebec
    institution, private or public.

We are looking for two categories of ESL WebQuests, both taking into consideration the interest and language levels of the targeted students and considering the framework of the MELS programs (develop competencies, be explicit about using strategies, language focus, etc.)


1)  An adapted first language WebQuest used with written permission of the original author(s).

2)  An original WebQuest that a teacher creates following the adapted WebQuest outline. 




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