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Provide a motivating, engaging, purposeful and meaningful context that sets the stage and provides some background information. Address the student. Present the essential question.




Elaborate a doable, interesting task that elicits thinking in the transfer and transformation of understanding and calls into play different facets (Competencies and Knowledge/Content) of language learning while creating a variety of possible products that provides responses to the essential and guiding questions.


  • Tasks that target - How best, Why do you think, Which is better, Who best - Support  the Essential question with guiding questions to clarify and guide.

  • Tasks that allow students to negotiate, choose and define (differentiate) their means to express the form of their product/response.

Process:   leading to a Product that responds to the Task

Clearly and simply
A) describe or lead the students through a
process including cooperative and collaborative roles to encourage oral interaction,
B) provide
a set of appropriate and specific information sources (texts, podcasts, videos, images, timelines, etc.) needed to complete the task (reinvest) as well as
guidance on how to organize the information acquired including strategies and language conventions and writing and production phases.




This step brings closure to the quest, reviews with the learners what they’ve learned, and encourages them to extend and transfer the experience/knowledge into other domains. 



Could include auto, peer and teacher evaluation of performance throughout and in relation to the product.


  • Using tools such as rubrics

  • Targeting features of the ESL competencies

  • Providing feedback on CCC's




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