What are some possible topics for a SPEAQ-quest?

  Thought provoking questions related to

1.        Animals: cats, dogs, domestic and farm animals, pets

2.        Getting acquainted: getting to know a person, who a person is

3.        Food: food categories, eating right, having picnics

4.        Media: TV, video, films, TV schedules

5.        Week en activities: trips, shopping, social activities

6.        Birthdays and parties: friendly gatherings

7.        Collector's corner: gem and mineral clubs, treasure chest

8.        Sports: winter sports, the World of sports, the Olympics

9.        Vacation: planning for summer, looking ahead, saying goodbye to classmates

10.    Space camp: outer space adventure

11.    Inventions: gimmicks, gadgets

12.    Heroes: celebrities, famous people an characters

13.    Visits: exchanges, correspondence, letters from readers

14.    Animals and nature: animals and their habits

15.    Movies and entertainment: story of radio, famous stars and    groups

16.    Mystery: solving puzzles and enigmas

17.    Shopping: teen fads, fashion

18.    Science: brain teasers

19.    Environment: ecology, saving the planet

20.    Celebrations: planning a special event, for special occasions

21.    Health: being in shape, fitness

22.    History of making books: story of comic strips

23.    Sports: Olympics

24.    Jobs: looking for a job, how to get a job

25.    Stars and superstars: sports, entertainment

26.    Movies: science fiction, suspense, sound, visual effects

27.    Animals: domestic, wild

28.    Incredible creatures: monsters

29.    Cars: facts, design, models

30.    Computers: Internet

31.    Games: cards, chess

32.    Adventure: rough, challenging sports

33.    Pollution

34.    Inventions and inventors

35.    Detective stories

36.    Fashion: hairstyle, clothes, shopping

37.    Messages: body language, codes, signs, words

38.    Accidents: natural disasters

39.    Collectors' corner

40.    Humour: local and international stars

41.    Superstitions: strange things and happenings

42.    Your personality: know who you are

43.    Detective Work

44.    Getting a job

45.    Knowing famous people and heroes, past and present

46.    Travelling and spectacular expeditions

47.    Natural phenomena and disasters

48.       Quality of life in urban and rural communities

49.    Inventions, Gadgets, Products

50.    Extra terrestrial phenomena Living in space

51.    Customs from different countries, societies

52.    Art, Attractions, Architecture, Monuments

53.    Communicating with others

54.    Planning your future

55.    Money: for living and for investing

56.    Consumer's rights

57.    Leisure time and Play games alone or with others

58.    Travelling at home and abroad

59.       Internet, make arrangements for a trip

60.    Women in Society

61.    Radio, TV and Newspaper reporters

62.    Anti nuclear and Anti military groups

63.    Family life

64.    Native people or First Nations

65.    Fads, Fashion, Trends

66.    Violence: (physical and psychological)

67.    Human rights

68.    Food and eating habits of ...

69.    Artists in our society and their importance

70.  Magic




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